Synergy Artist Residency Network



Latin America, Africa, and Asia face structural inequalities that limit access to information, opportunities, and ultimately resources, which widens the gap and hinders social transformation. Independent arts organizations are constantly facing not only artistic but structural challenges, limiting their resilience by having to decide between their own mission and long-term sustainability.

The Synergy Artist Residency Network is an independent node of artist residencies engaging in more responsible ways to mobilize resources and reconfigure exchange relationships for development. The ultimate goal is to build an inter-local network of art residencies that cultivate local development through exchanges, knowledge sharing, local network building, and resource mobilization for social investment.

The network aims to strengthen its members and serve as a platform to aid in the development of capacities, improve strategies to increase social capital, weave cultural networks, and expand resources. Through its members, Synergy Artist Residency Network will also facilitate the development of local self-sufficient and sustainable alternatives while promoting socially conscious and non-exploitative models.

The network offers:

  1. Inter-local Exchanges. Developing horizontal exchange models that are grounded in knowledge sharing and collective analysis considering local needs.
  2. Professionalization of the Artist Residency Field. Strengthening residency structures by developing workshop pedagogy to amplify existing practices and working principles that foster social equity within the residency field.
  3. Network Building. Building a strong network of artist residency programs that cultivate local development through the arts and promote a non-exploitative approach.
  4. Resource Mobilization. Expanding the resource system of our members by developing strategies for self-sufficiency, empowerment, partnership maintenance, and leadership development.


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